Attorney Profile

About the Attorney, Michel L. Watson

As a Florida native, I received my Bachelor of Business Administration in Legal Studies and Business Management from the University of Central Florida in Orlando (Go Knights!). Before attending law school at Barry University School of Law, I defended Ford Motor Company in automotive manufacturer warranty disputes and state lemon law claims. I often resolved cases through mediation and arbitration to avoid unnecessary litigation.

I interned at the Moore Justice Center during the mortgage foreclosure crisis of 2008, working with the honorable Judge Charles M. Holcomb, and Judge Larry Johnson. As part of the Foreclosure Division team, I worked tirelessly to handle the storm of foreclosure filings from banks and lending institutions, as borrowers in default sought modification, financial debt counseling, and federal assistance to save their homes.

I have experience in criminal, family law, and debt litigation. I have worked in County and Circuit courts throughout Florida. Flying all over Florida to litigate cases provided a tremendous opportunity to learn from many different judges and lawyers.

Prior to opening the firm, I worked as an Associate Attorney for Mario, Gunde, Peters, Rhoden & Kelley representing clients in all areas of Family Law including Dissolution of Marriage, Alimony, Time-Sharing, Parenting, Child Support, Enforcement/Modifications, Pre and Post Nuptial Agreements, Same Sex Family services, Paternity, Distribution of Martial Assets and Liabilities, and many other issues. Before I found my love for family law, I worked as an Associate Attorney, representing Plaintiffs in creditor actions as well as State Farm Auto Insurance, handling automotive accident and property damage subrogation cases. I continue to practice in these areas and have expanded my practice areas into adoptions, domestic violence, wills, landlord/tenant, and real estate matters.

A Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Mediator

Sometimes mediation is the course of action in a divorce, particularly when matters of children custody is involved. As a trained and certified family mediator, I can offer families this “first choice” when both parties are willing to participate. CLICK HERE for more information

A passion to help kids in crisis

Pro Bono Community Involvement as an Attorney Ad Litem 

Florida law provides for legal counsel for children subject to court proceedings because the child is accused of committing a crime. Now the Florida Legislature also requires representation for children with certain special needs who are subject to court proceedings. With consideration to the age and maturity of a child, an attorney ad litem is typically appointed. 

Specifically, an Attorney Ad Litem must be provided for a dependent child who resides in or is being considered for placement in a skilled nursing home; is prescribed psychotropic medication but objects to taking that medication; has been diagnosed with a developmental disability; is placed in a residential treatment facility or being considered for placement in a residential treatment center; or is a victim of human trafficking.

A focus on Family

I have lived in Brevard County for over 37 years. When away from the office, I enjoy time with my husband and my two very active children. We share a lot of time at home, enjoying our chickens and pigs on our family hobby farm and experimenting with different methods of homesteading. On cool weekend mornings, you’re sure to find me up early with my children enjoying the sounds of my free range chickens as we eat breakfast on the back porch admiring the chickens as they free range. You can reach me in the office at (321) 362-7891 or by using the Contact Form at the bottom of this page.